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Toronto, or T dot (as it's affectionately nicknamed by Torontonians and Canadians alike), is an energetic, cosmopolitan city with several things happening at the same time. Naturally, the very best aspect of Toronto is THE WOMEN! So there's never a lack of girls to select from.

In this event of the "Where to Pick Up Women" show, we have a good look at some amazing locations in Toronto to fulfill a few Canuck cuties. In addition, we bring you some of the greatest places in Toronto to conduct game! Century Room has long been a staple in the Toronto club scene.…

Why I’M Ditching My Quick Fashion Habit In: I Was On A Journey To Live Cruelty-Free For A Few Years And So That’s The Next Step For Me


Ashley, the sweet comment merely made me blush! Would love to see if you have particular fashion entrepreneurs or organizations you support. I'm so grateful to have another source of support in this ethical fashion journey. Thank you for the love and encouragement. I have much to practice and we will possibly make a few mistakes along the way. I ask that you be gracious to me as I pursue this goal and as we continue to share my thoughts and progress. Let me tell you something. By the way I will share my loose plan for my transition from fashion consumer to anethical brand supporter.…